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So good it even works on wigs

We even tried this on a friends wig which gets notoriously dry and it was amazing.

OMG Erica, on a wig! That's fantastic to hear. So glad you are loving the results. Thanks again for reviewing us.

Beautiful Hair Milk

Love it, leaves my daughters curls all hydrated and shiny.

YAY! That's awesome. So glad your daughter's curls are hydrated and shiny. Thanks for reviewing us.

Good detangler but you need a lot

I got this to use once every week or so to use as a cleanser but I feel that because it is so runny you need to use a lot to get a decent spread through your roots down to you ends. My hair does always feel so soft after using, haven’t been using for long enough to comment on the effects of the cleanser side of things but my hair does seem very healthy still

Hi Chloe, Thanks for taking the time to review us. Glad to hear your hair is loving the results of our product.

Great spritz

I use this in the morning if my curls need a refresh and it’s great, acts similarly to the gel where it almost forms a cast so holds the curls well

Hi Chloe, Thanks for taking the time to review us. Glad to hear your hair is loving the results with our Spritz & Curl It Hair Gel.

Satin Hair Bonnet
Chloe (AU)
Love my hair bonnet

My first hair bonnet and I love it, very comfortable to sleep in and stays on well, curls in tact in the morning

Hi Chloe, Thanks for taking the time to review us. Glad to hear your hair is loving the results with our Hair Bonnet and you are loving your morning curls.

Ruth, thank you for venturing into the “curly hair care” world with your wonderful products.
So pleased to be able to support an Australian company and get all the information I need from you and your informative website.
I can see and feel a difference in my hair already.
Thank you!

Hi Janet, Thanks so much for taking the time to review us. Really appreciate it. So pleased to hear you are enjoying our products & are seeing results already. Happy healthy hair journey.

Love it! Perfect consistency for natural curls

Butter too heavy, milk just right

Love the fragrance. My hair is 2b. The butter is too heavy for me. I Love the milk though.

Hi Lani, Thanks for taking the time to review us. Much gratitude. Glad you are loving the Hair Milk. Sorry to hear you found the Creamy HB a bit heavy for you. The Creamy Hair Butter is quite rich and so a little goes a long way, hope you give it another go with a pea size amount. Let me know how you go. You might like to try our CURL STYLER WITH SHEA BUTTER as it is light-weight and will define & moisturise your wavy hair.

Game changer

I absolutely love this product! I've struggled to find the right product to define and set the curls of my daughters' hair, this product does it. Then I partnered it with the Curl Styler and we have a match made in heaven. Will definitely be purchasing more.

Waste of money

Poor product, overpriced, better off with supermarket hair products

Thanks for taking the time to review us. Hope you were able to follow our step by step guide. Be sure to try the kit as a CLEANSE & CO-WASH combo and also as a standalone with the DETANGLER CLEANSER CONDITIONER. Wishing you a happy and healthy hair journey.


Works super amazing on both my girls hair. They have very different hair textures but both curly and these products provide lots of much needed moisture.
Glad I found these products!

Nourish Now Starter Kit
Splash o.C.S. (AU)

I LOVE this product. As someone with C4 hair - it is lovely to come across a product that is light yet moisturising. I can't get enough of it. It feels and smells amazing. So glad I took the plunge and decided to buy it for myself.

Great Product

Really happy with this Gel. It defines and holds my short, wavy hair without being sticky and does not irritate my sensitive scaIp. I will definitely buy again!

Lovely to use

Really happy with this Gel. It defines and holds my short, wavy hair without being sticky and does not irritate my sensitive scaIp. I will definitely buy this again!

I find this hair gel to work well for me. I use it with other products from see my curls so I am not sure what is working the best but I think the gel works really good with the hair milk spray product <3


Thank you <3 I will not say too much I might jinx you .. would never want to do that :)


Thank you <3

Curl it hair gel - light medium

Hands down the best gel I have used ( and I have tried many!!!) Not drying and great for refreshes of my 2C/3A curls. Gives great hold and defintion and also fantastic if you have fragrance allergies too.

Curly Hair Sample Pack
Maxine b. (AU)

Love this for my sons hair. Beautiful product that has gorgeous results. I’ve been looking for a Black owned hair range, that’s made in Australia with options for no scent. So grateful See My Curls popped up in my feed. I’ll lovely buy and have already raced to everyone I know.
Thank you

Works so well - a natural clean!

Since switching to this product I have clean, healthy hair with curls that I love. I don’t need to wash my hair as often as I used to and I no longer get sore/itchy eyes when my hair gets dirty - I have naturally clean hair and that’s the long and short of it!

1 x Pre Lathering Cleanser Deep Conditioner with Shea Butter from our store AfroShe.

Amazing product!! I've been looking for something like this suitable for kids. I like that it can be used on dry hair prior to washing hair. It detangles and condition at the same time. For kids this is amazing, as only needs one trip to the bath to wash off. I've bought this product twice already.

Hair Milk with Aloe Vera
Melanie D. (AU)
Lovely smell great product

Love to spray this on damp curls. Affordable, Australian, curly girl friendly, what more could you want?

Moisturising Hair Spritz
Melanie D. (AU)
Great product

Love using this spritz before applying AfroShe Hair gel

Fantastic value

Finally an affordable, Australian CurlyGirl product that works.

Defined Waves

I previously used a styling product that worked amazingly but contained a laundry list of nasties. AfroShe's Shea Butter Curl Styler is so much better! My hair is a combination of 2A, B and C waves and the dirtier the curlier. From wash to wash this product defines my waves and curls just beautifully, and my hair feels so soft. The ingredients are clean and safe for me to use and there is zero smell, which is perfect for me.