Collapsible Hair Dryer Diffuser

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With love and care. Our collapsible attachment hair dryer is a lightweight, flexible silicone diffuser which is a game-changer for drying wavy, curly and coily hair by evenly distributing airflow for reduced frizz, enhanced volume and define natural curl pattern. With its portable and space-saving design, it's perfect for travel. Compatible with most standard hair dryers, this attachment is a must-have tool for salon-quality results at home.

Please note the following measurements of the diffuser. This diffuser will fit dryers with 4.8cm to 5.5cm circumference. Inner circumference of the attachment end = 4.8cm, outer circumference of the attachment end = 5.5cm, height of the diffuser when extended = 14cm, height of the diffuser when collapsed = 4.5cm 
How to Use
Once you've applied your products and squeezed out excess water then you are ready to diffuse your hair. 
1. Collapse the diffuser and then attach it to your dryer
2. Turn on your dryer. Adjust between low to medium heat as needed  
3. Hover the diffuser over sections of your hair
4. Hover around the curls and roots of your hair
5. Allow sections of your hair to rest on top of the diffuser base to dry
6. Allow your hair to dry 90-95% and then you are good to go
Here are 8 top reasons why you should use a collapsible attachment hair dryer diffuser.
1. Enhanced airflow distribution for better drying & styling
2. Reduced frizz by reducing the amount of direct heat
3. Improved curl definition through gentle drying
4. Gentle drying to help prevent damage and breakage
5. Quick drying time due to enhanced airflow distribution
6. Portable because it's compact, easy to carry & store
7. Heat protection by heat distribution
8. Professional-looking results at home

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