Natalie loving and embracing her curly hair
July 05, 2023

Natalie's Curly Hair Journey & her go to Curly Hair Products in Australia

Sometimes, the path to self-discovery runs straight through a journey of self-love and acceptance. It's not an easy road, and for Natalie, it started right at her roots, making its way through strands of wavy, curly hair. In this blog, we learn about the steps Natalie took to love her curls and set them free.

Natalie's Journey to Embracing her Waves and Curls

Like so many, Natalie was born with a crown of waves and ringlets unique to her. Growing up, she traversed through the contrasted world of bullying at school and the conventional beauty standards which often sidelined her naturally curly hair. Misguided advices, inappropriate hair care routines, and a stream of non-curly specific products did their part to make her feel misplaced. At one point, after many failed attempts "trying to flatten my natural curls down to have a slick back ponytail like the other girls" Natalie decided (after a long chat with her mum) to shave her beautiful ginger hair to make it more manageable. 
A curly girl hair journey

After experimenting with a number of curly hair products, Natalie's hair narrative changed when she stumbled upon our brand, See My Curls (formerly AfroShe), the best line of curly hair products in Australia. Our brand not only promised high quality products, but also imparted extensive knowledge about tending to curls in all its glorious forms using handmade, natural & organic ingredients. This compelled Natalie to embrace her naturally curly locks and head on a journey towards hair liberation. 

Embarking on a Curly Hair Routine

Like any journey, the first step is often the hardest. Natalie, however, found strength in revamped routines, specifically designed for curly hair. The cleansing was first. Natalie found her knight in shining armor in the form of our See My Curls Rich Cleanser, enriched with Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond, Hydrolyzed Oats Protein and other curly-friendly ingredients. This was a godsend for Natalie's dry curls and started replenishing them from the very first wash.

Cleanse & Cowash for curly hair care

Next came the conditioning phase, See My Curls Detangler Cleanser Conditioner (3in1), rich with Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Hydrolyzed Oats Protein & Vitamin E came to Natalie's  rescue, becoming a recurring character in the tale of her hair-transformation. The 3in 1 conditioner helped maintain the hair strand hydration, significantly reducing frizziness to accentuate her curl pattern.

Diving Deeper into the Curly Hair Community

What made Natalie’s journey much more comforting was the sense of belonging that comes with being a part of the curly hair community. Blogs, articles, social media groups, and even local meetups, all played a significant role in her transformation journey, as they provided a treasure of curly hair do's and don'ts. Natalie soon realized that she was not alone in this journey, a fact that made it even more enriching that she set up a fun and safe space on Instagram @gingermama.curls for other curlies and curly mums. Check out Natalie's tagged posts with our products (formerly AfroShe).

A curly girl hair journey with see my curls products

Embracing the Game Changer

Adding a genuinely game-changing product to her routine, Natalie started using our See My Curls Curl It Hair Gel & Hair Milk. A revolutionary concoction specifically designed for enhancing and holding curls. They were lightweight, non-greasy, and helped define her waves and curls like never before. The gel was easy on her strands and very friendly on the frizz, giving Natalie her dream curls. 

Hair Milk Unscented
Curl It Hair Gel (light/ medium hold)

Lessons Learned 

Natalie's journey with her wavy, curly hair was a whirlwind but also a striking tale of transformation and acceptance. It was about understanding the unique language of her curls, and how to cater to them effectively. It was about breaking free from binding beauty standards and embracing the natural hair she was born with.
We are pleased that with the use of our products, Natalie discovered the best version of her hair. She realized that there exist products out there that understand curls and waves in all their intricacies, and the best ones are designed knowing every curl has its rhythm. 

Curly girl before and after hair journey

Natalie's journey isn't unique. It’s shared by millions of curly-haired individuals worldwide, all seeking to find a harmony between caring for and embracing their natural curls. Through her story, Natalie hopes others will embark on their journey to acceptance, armed with the knowledge that the right products like those from See My Curls aren't just an option, but rather an integral part of this wonderful curly adventure. Apart from inspiring other curlies, Natalie is also an inspiration to her daughter and mum in their curly hair journeys (see these tutorials on Natalie's IG page @gingermama.curls).

In the end, it's not just about having wavy, curly hair. It's about loving it, embracing it, and cherishing every strand. Natalie's journey speaks volumes about self-love, changing norms, and using products like See My Curls that understand the language of curls, and she urges others to join her in this curly hair revolution. Because as Natalie beautifully concluded, "Your hair doesn't need to be 'fixed', because it was never 'broken'."

You can follow Natalie on Instagram @gingermama.curls for curly hair tips & tutorials for kids and adults.