Yes I see your Curls and It's Beautiful
March 30, 2023

See, My Curls Are Beautiful!

 See, My Curls Are Beautiful


"See, My Curls Are Beautiful," you say. And we say, "Yes. They Are Indeed!"

Calling all curls with wavy, curly, coily and locs. Every curl is unique. As they say, no two heads of hair are the same and at See My Curls, we celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of our hair. We say "Love your curls and set them free!" Let them be seen in especially after they have tasted what handmade, natural & organic products can do to enhance your curls with jaw dropping results that everyone around you will just have to see.

Let us inspire you to start and or continue your natural hair journey with  confidence, love and pride, because after all, they are your crown. 

We believe your beautiful hair will flourish with all things natural, organic from nature and handmade with love. 


Why HANDMADE, NATURAL & ORGANIC products for your crown?

handmade, natural & organic hair care


At See My Curls our brand essence is to select beautiful, natural, quality ingredients to create outstanding products for results you can see, feel & love.  


WHY CHOOSE See My Curls?
  • Australian made & owned 
  • Handmade with natural & certified organic ingredients
  • Founded & formulated by a primary school educator and curly mum from a diverse cultural background with curly kids
  • Vegan & cruelty-free curly hair care
  • Hair care products for babies, kids & adults with wavy, curly, coily/ afro & locs
  • Free of parabens, silicone & sulfates

Come & let us show you how your curly hair journey can be a beautiful, loving and caring experience with See My Curls. Yes, we see your curls and yes, they are beautiful!

See My Curls Curly Hair Results

Curly, Wavy, Coily & Locs Hair Care


Love your curls & set them free!

Ruth Wallis (Founder & Formulator)